08 May 2015 — PNW Migration Update

So, i said i would put up a migration update the rest of this season if anything extraordinary came up. While the RTX (Portland) radar was a solid green (heavy migration) doughnut last night, take a look at what’s going on in Gray’s Harbor!

Right around 09:00 UTC (02:00 AM PDT) the returns start to go into the yellow range.  That is EXTREME!  This only happens one or two times a season, if at all.  So, if you want to see tens of thousands, and maybe hundreds of thousands, of shore birds today — head on over, it will probably be quite the show.

Also, i have updated the migrant watch list.  Using eBird data i added the first reported date for those little fluff balls that are on the watch list — except for those that also winter here like Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Specie Sig Freq 2015
TRESWA 15-Feb 1/31/2015
TURVUL 1-Mar 1/26/2015
OSPREY 1-Mar 3/7/2015
RUFHUM 8-Mar 2/8/2015
VIGRSW 8-Mar 2/16/2015
BARSWA 22-Mar 1/9/2015
LESYEL 22-Mar 3/30/2015
CLISWA 1-Apr 3/31/2015
COMYEL 1-Apr 3/23/2015
NRWISW 1-Apr 3/21/2015
BLWITE 1-Apr 4/3/2015
BTGYWA 8-Apr 4/3/2015
CHISPA 8-Apr 4/15/2015
YEHEBL 8-Apr 4/8/2015
BLBEPL 8-Apr 4/11/2015
CASVIR 15-Apr 4/3/2015
HAMFLY 15-Apr 4/15/2015
HOUWRE 15-Apr 4/12/2015
NASWAR 15-Apr 4/14/2015
PASLFL 15-Apr 4/10/2015
WILWAR 15-Apr 4/13/2015
SOLSAN 15-Apr 4/19/2015
BLHEGR 22-Apr 4/27/2015
DUSFLY 22-Apr 4/23/2015
HERWAR 22-Apr 4/18/2015
MACWAR 22-Apr 4/13/2015
PURMAR 22-Apr 4/3/2015
WARVIR 22-Apr 4/20/2015
WESTAN 22-Apr 4/23/2015
YELWAR 22-Apr 4/20/2015
SEMPLO 22-Apr 4/22/2015
BULORI 1-May 4/25/2015
LAZBUN 1-May 4/21/2015
OLSIFL 1-May 4/27/2015
SWATHR 1-May 4/27/2015
WESKIN 1-May 4/20/2015
WEWOPE 1-May 5/4/2015
BANSWA 8-May 4/24/2015
YEBRCH 8-May 4/27/2015
WILFLY 15-May 5/6/2015
REEYVI 1-Jun 5/3/2015