05 May 2015 — PNW Migration Update

A turn in the weather put a bit of a damper on last nights trip north.  There were birds in the air, just not many of them — comparatively.  Still no word on our last two holdouts.  But, the Red-eyed Vireos have shown up at their preferred haunts on the Sandy River Delta.

Big flights last night along the Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic Flyways.  Check out Paul’s archived National Radar Composite, and Cameron’s wind map for insight on what made that happen.

Since the flight last night was light to moderate and through some heavy cloud cover, today’s loop is the Hydrometer Classification so the Biological returns stand out.

29 April 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Winds are shifting to out of the north and there are cells of showers moving through the area.  No surprise that the migration last night was moderate at best.

A Swainson’s Thrush was reportedly heard in the area and a Western Tanager was seen in the Corvallis area.  Below the gallery is an update list of the migrant watch.  We are down to six species and two of those (Gray Flycatcher and Red-eyed Vireo) are not detected every year.  The Red-eyed Vireo has set up a breeding range locally around the mouth of the Sandy River so it will eventually be reported.

Update: an Olive-sided Flycatcher was reported 4/27.

Specie         Sig Freq

TRESWA     15-Feb          reported

TURVUL      1-Mar           reported

RUFHUM   8-Mar           reported

VIGRSW     8-Mar           reported

BARSWA    22-Mar         reported

ORCRWA    22-Mar         reported

CLISWA       1-Apr            reported

COMYEL     1-Apr            reported

NRWISW    1-Apr            reported

BTGYWA    8-Apr            reported

CHISPA          8-Apr            reported

HERTHR      8-Apr            reported

YERUWA    8-Apr            reported

CASVIR       15-Apr          reported

HAMFLY     15-Apr          4/26/15

HOUWRE   15-Apr          reported

NASWAR    15-Apr          reported

PASLFL        15-Apr          reported

WILWAR     15-Apr          reported

BLHEGR      22-Apr          4/27/15

DUSFLY       22-Apr          reported

GRAFLY       22-Apr          ????

HERWAR    22-Apr          reported

MACWAR  22-Apr          reported

PURMAR    22-Apr          reported

TOWWAR  22-Apr          reported

WARVIR     22-Apr          reported

WESTAN     22-Apr          4/28/15

YELWAR      22-Apr          4/27/15

BULORI       1-May           reported

LAZBUN      1-May           reported

OLSIFL         1-May           4/27/15

SWATHR     1-May           4/28/15 (heard only)

WESKIN      1-May           reported

WEWOPE   1-May           ????

BANSWA    8-May           4/26/15

YEBRCH       8-May           reported

WILFLY        15-May        ????

REEYVI        1-Jun             ????

COMNIG    8-Jun             ????