Migration Update for 03 October 2014

The wind has shifted a bit and has more of a NE than last night’s NW component.  But, still out of the North and the birds took flight again in moderate to locally heavy numbers.

And the Swallows are still taking off in the morning from their roost along the Willamette River.  Watch closely — it goes by fast.

Remember to check in at Paul’s archived radar site for a look at migration on a national level.  Birds were jamming down the Central Flyway last night.


Migration Update for 02 October 2014

Another fine night of nocturnal flight.

Weather conditions were ideal with a bit of a tail wind out of the NW, clear skies, and an urge to push south.  Birds are on the move.

Watch the tail end of the radar loop below closely (Click on the gallery to bring up a screen size image).  As the migrants thin out, but not quite put down, a small bright green flash appears along the Willamette River between Yamhill and Marion counties — Swallows.

2014 Fall Migration Update

Well, it had to happen some time.  The blog is running out of free disk space.  So, posting from now on will be sparse and limited to a few Choice snapshots of each season.

Like last night and this morning.  Excellent migrant bloom sustained throughout the night, with tracks up into the Puget trough.  And — as a bonus — at 13:30 UTC (06:30 PDT) for four frames there can be seen the morning exodus of the swallow roost on the border of Yamhill and Marion Counties.  It last for about four to six frames and the density is impressive.  (Click on the thumbnail below to bring up a larger animated .gif file)


Friday 07 September 2012

Migration density eased considerably last night.  The weather conditions didn’t change much.  The winds became a bit more variable, but they were too light to be of much significance.  It’s probably just a lull in movement as the birds to our north are most likely satisfied with the local conditions.

I’ll be gone again this weekend but i may throw something up in the evenings.

Drew has another post up on the migration activity east of the Mississippi — check it out.

Of interest is something that a fellow on our state listserve pointed out that i thought was pretty cool.  Here is the original post. Paul pointed out how the radar was picking up “… the morning fly-out of the BARN SWALLOWS roosting in cornfields near the Wheatland Ferry.”

I’ll put four static images in today’s gallery.  I have no idea how WordPress sorts those images so look for the sequencing captions:

20120906_BARS_0618: a shot just after most nocturnal migrants have put down

20120906_BARS_0628: just south of McMinnville a 30 dBZ cluster of birds appears.

20120906_BARS_0638: the density of the return drops as the birds disperse.

20120906_BARS_0647: the sun clears the Cascades, the radar catches a strobe, the birds are further dispersed.

20120906_BARS_0657: the event disappears into the usual background ground clutter.

I have no idea who Paul is but i thank him for pointing this out.  It’s pretty cool and i’ll be looking for it the rest of the season.