15 September 2015 – PNW Migration Update

In spite of decent conditions, migration in the area remains tepid at best.

So, lets look elsewhere.  Today we’ll look at the national level and one curious spot. Nationally take a look at the Wind map, note the strong flows up the Central and Mississippi Flyways, and then note the paucity of migrants.  The east coast, with milder conditions, dominates the scene last night.  Since we showed Jacksonville recently i’m leaving that out, but it was jamming again last night with returns again pushing the 40 dBZ levels.

So, take a look at the loop from El Paso, TX from last night.  What i am curious about is the ring of returns that pops up for about an hour — just before avian migration takes place.  Look for it in the lower center of the frame over in Mexico.  I’m GUESSING, bats.  But, if anyone knows for sure – let me know.  Whatever they are, there are a ton of them dispersing from a single point.


14 September 2015 – PNW Migration Update

We still have a nice weather pallet for migration; light winds mainly out of the north, no rain, and a persistent, but weak, high pressure ridge out in the Pacific.

But, movement is moderate at best here in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s one of those days where i go looking for the hot spots; pull up Paul’s archived image from last night, look for the action, and then pull up the loop from that station.  And that’s how the town of Jacksonville Florida ends up in the tag cloud.

Here it is, your moment of zen:

Yeah, those returns are pushing 40dbz, for a significant amount of the night — MILLIONS of birds on the move.