27 April 2015 — PNW Migration Update

More Western Kingbirds, first Dusky Flycatcher and Bullock’s Oriole.  I’m sure i’ve missed something over the weekend.  I’m pretty sure a Western Wood Pewee has shown up in southern Oregon.  Anyway, weekends are hectic and with the sun rising earlier it’s tough to do much but get out in the field and tend to chores.

Last night was a bit unusual as a weak little rain cell moved through the area at the time of nocturnal bloom (1 hr after sunset).  So there is no big flight taking off.  Maybe a couple of opportunistic flocks that found a hole in the weather.  But then, after the cell moved through a significant flight takes place at around 1:00 AM (18:00 UTC).  I don’t think i’ve seen that before.  If i have i don’t remember it.  Have a look: