27 August 2015 – PNW Migration Update

Migration is still concentrating in the east counties but picking up in the west.

It looks like we have a well organized low coming in from the Gulf of Alaska. The leading edge will put up stiff southerly winds that will probably keep all but the most hardy or determined birds grounded for the next day or two.  But the back side of the system, as it passes through, should be golden.  Depending on the strength, it may even pull in some vagrants.

Here it is, your moment of zen:

25 August 2015 – PNW Migration Update

Pretty much the same as yesterday – movement, but moderately so.

It’s always a good thing to keep up with what’s going on up north at the BC Tatlayoko Bird Observatory.  They get a few birds that move over to the Central Flyway but many more that are headed our way.  So, for instance, they will see the Fox and Golden-crowned Sparrows before we do and it is nice to know what’s in the pipeline.

Here it is, your moment of zen:

24 August 2015 – Migration Update

Solid but not spectacular night of migration last night.

As we climb the shoulder of the peak of shorebird migration there were an incredible number of peeps out on Sauvie Island this weekend – i estimated over 2500.  Sturgeon lake was low at slack tide and the middle exposed flats were just covered in peeps.  Not really sure what they were exactly as they were into the sun and a long way out.

Warblers numbers are also picking up.

So here it is, your moment of zen.

21 August 2015 – Migration Update

Minimal movement around the Pacific Northwest last night.  Which, i found a bit surprising given the favorable conditions.  Another high pressure system is building in the Gulf of Alaska and the leading edge has some significant northerly winds as it moves ashore. Maybe tomorrow?

Admin Note:

Some of you may have bookmarked Paul’s Radar Archive Page that is found in the links to the right.  He has moved his archive to his own domain.  The current link found here has been updated on this page.

08 May 2015 — PNW Migration Update

So, i said i would put up a migration update the rest of this season if anything extraordinary came up. While the RTX (Portland) radar was a solid green (heavy migration) doughnut last night, take a look at what’s going on in Gray’s Harbor!

Right around 09:00 UTC (02:00 AM PDT) the returns start to go into the yellow range.  That is EXTREME!  This only happens one or two times a season, if at all.  So, if you want to see tens of thousands, and maybe hundreds of thousands, of shore birds today — head on over, it will probably be quite the show.

Also, i have updated the migrant watch list.  Using eBird data i added the first reported date for those little fluff balls that are on the watch list — except for those that also winter here like Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Specie Sig Freq 2015
TRESWA 15-Feb 1/31/2015
TURVUL 1-Mar 1/26/2015
OSPREY 1-Mar 3/7/2015
RUFHUM 8-Mar 2/8/2015
VIGRSW 8-Mar 2/16/2015
BARSWA 22-Mar 1/9/2015
LESYEL 22-Mar 3/30/2015
CLISWA 1-Apr 3/31/2015
COMYEL 1-Apr 3/23/2015
NRWISW 1-Apr 3/21/2015
BLWITE 1-Apr 4/3/2015
BTGYWA 8-Apr 4/3/2015
CHISPA 8-Apr 4/15/2015
YEHEBL 8-Apr 4/8/2015
BLBEPL 8-Apr 4/11/2015
CASVIR 15-Apr 4/3/2015
HAMFLY 15-Apr 4/15/2015
HOUWRE 15-Apr 4/12/2015
NASWAR 15-Apr 4/14/2015
PASLFL 15-Apr 4/10/2015
WILWAR 15-Apr 4/13/2015
SOLSAN 15-Apr 4/19/2015
BLHEGR 22-Apr 4/27/2015
DUSFLY 22-Apr 4/23/2015
HERWAR 22-Apr 4/18/2015
MACWAR 22-Apr 4/13/2015
PURMAR 22-Apr 4/3/2015
WARVIR 22-Apr 4/20/2015
WESTAN 22-Apr 4/23/2015
YELWAR 22-Apr 4/20/2015
SEMPLO 22-Apr 4/22/2015
BULORI 1-May 4/25/2015
LAZBUN 1-May 4/21/2015
OLSIFL 1-May 4/27/2015
SWATHR 1-May 4/27/2015
WESKIN 1-May 4/20/2015
WEWOPE 1-May 5/4/2015
BANSWA 8-May 4/24/2015
YEBRCH 8-May 4/27/2015
WILFLY 15-May 5/6/2015
REEYVI 1-Jun 5/3/2015

07 May 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Chilly north winds kept migration to a minimum last night in the metro area.

However a strong river of southerly winds crammed a boat load of birds up the Central and Mississippi Flyways.  I have static images of the Winds Aloft and the National Composite Radar in today’s gallery.  But, head on over to Cameron’s and Paul’s sites to get the dynamic view of this marvelous show.

Well, the Western Wood Pewee and Willow Flycatcher have been ticked.  The former in Clackamas County and the latter in Clark.  So that wraps up this season – well, except for the Common Nighthawk, and it is not detected every year.  With the NAMC this weekend and a scheduled trip to Malheur NWR next week, the only posts i’ll be putting up this season will be if something exceptional takes place.  There’s still plenty of birds to move through so use the links on the side bar to keep in the loop.

Specie         Sig Freq

TRESWA     15-Feb          reported

TURVUL      1-Mar           reported

RUFHUM   8-Mar           reported

VIGRSW     8-Mar           reported

BARSWA    22-Mar         reported

ORCRWA    22-Mar         reported

CLISWA       1-Apr            reported

COMYEL     1-Apr            reported

NRWISW    1-Apr            reported

BTGYWA    8-Apr            reported

CHISPA          8-Apr            reported

HERTHR      8-Apr            reported

YERUWA    8-Apr            reported

CASVIR       15-Apr          reported

HAMFLY     15-Apr          4/26/15

HOUWRE   15-Apr          reported

NASWAR    15-Apr          reported

PASLFL        15-Apr          reported

WILWAR     15-Apr          reported

BLHEGR      22-Apr          4/27/15

DUSFLY       22-Apr          reported

GRAFLY       22-Apr          ????

HERWAR    22-Apr          reported

MACWAR  22-Apr          reported

PURMAR    22-Apr          reported

TOWWAR  22-Apr          reported

WARVIR     22-Apr          reported

WESTAN     22-Apr          4/28/15

YELWAR      22-Apr          4/27/15

BULORI       1-May           reported

LAZBUN      1-May           reported

OLSIFL         1-May           4/27/15

SWATHR     1-May           4/28/15 (heard only)

WESKIN      1-May           reported

WEWOPE   1-May           5/6/15

BANSWA    8-May           4/26/15

YEBRCH       8-May           reported

WILFLY        15-May        5/6/15

REEYVI        1-Jun            5/3/15

COMNIG    8-Jun             ????

06 May 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Moderate levels of migration last night trickling off as a little rain started moving through and putting a damper on continued flight.  Could be a good day to check your favorite patch in the Metro area.  There could be a concentration of birds from the pile up that the rain can cause.

No word on the Western Wood Pewee or Willow Flycatcher yet.

05 May 2015 — PNW Migration Update

A turn in the weather put a bit of a damper on last nights trip north.  There were birds in the air, just not many of them — comparatively.  Still no word on our last two holdouts.  But, the Red-eyed Vireos have shown up at their preferred haunts on the Sandy River Delta.

Big flights last night along the Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic Flyways.  Check out Paul’s archived National Radar Composite, and Cameron’s wind map for insight on what made that happen.

Since the flight last night was light to moderate and through some heavy cloud cover, today’s loop is the Hydrometer Classification so the Biological returns stand out.

04 May 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Moderate to heavy migration took place all weekend. New arrivals were everywhere out in the field.  I still haven’t seen any reports for Western Wood Pewee or Willow Flycatcher.  Good numbers of Swainson’s Thrush were out and tonight, in a clear, full moon sky, i heard about a half a dozen nocturnal flight calls in the two minutes i spent listening.

The Atlantic Flyway finally got some love last night.  For a full report head over to Tom’s recap.

01 May 2015 — PNW Migration Update

A high pressure ridge is building just off shore.  The leading edge is not quite here yet so the north winds associated with that are probably a day out.  While that bodes well for the weekend weather it will slow north bound birds down.

Last night under neutral conditions we had some heavy movement and that will bring the next pulse of migrants into the region.

No word on Western Wood Pewee or Willow Flycatchers yet for the Portland Metro area.