08 Apr 2015 — PNW Migration Update

There was a moderate amount of movement last night.  Birds were picking out opportunities between the rain cells.

Only listserve chatter of note comes from San Diego where Chipping Sparrows, Nashville, Yellow and Wilson’s Warblers, Yellow-breasted Chat, and Hammond’s and Western Flycatchers were reported.

Paul has his archive back on line after a few days of being down.  I’ve included a static shot of the action along the Mississippi Gulf coast line.  Looks like the neotrops are pushing their way north in good numbers.  Check out the full loop here


07 Apr 2015 — PNW Migration Update

An unstable set of atmospheric conditions continues to keep migration light and opportunistic.  We’ll save space and pass on the radar image today.

The Warbling Vireos have made it to the Portland Area, and a couple more reports of Black-throated Gray Warblers.  That’s about it.

Update: Badbirdz is back up and reporting on the Migration in Florida.

06 Apr 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Not much to see on the radar last night.

The Central Valley is reporting Warbling Vireos, Black-chinned and Calliope Hummingbirds, Wilson’s Warblers and more Black-headed Grosbeaks.

Here in Oregon the first Cassin’s Vireo, Vaux’s Swift, House Wren and Calliope Hummingbird have been noted.

03 April 2015 — PNW Migration Update

A little break in the weather.  Rains subsided and the wind died down.  Conditions look a bit dicey for the next couple of days at least.

Even so, with the respite last night we had a moderate flight last night.  There are still a lot of waterfowl in the area that need to scoot their cloacas north and i suspect the bulk of the radar returns are from them.

New reports: Swainson’s Hawks are showing up on the east side of the Cascades, an influx of Brown-headed Cowbirds and a Yellow Warbler in the Willamette Valley.

Other than that it’s a lot of infill of the early migrants.

02 Apr 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Scattered rain cells and the north winds on the back edge of this trough kept migration to a bare minimum last night.

Vanguard Black-bellied Plovers have made it to the Portland area.  Scattered Black-throated Gray Warbler reports are popping up.  Not much else.

The Central and Mississippi Flyways had the most action last night.  Probably the heaviest they’ve seen this year.  In the gallery is a snap shot but be sure to head on over to Paul’s archive and catch the whole loop.


01 Apr 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Only the slightest sign of movement last night.  Dodging rain cells and fighting cross winds gets old.  There are better opportunities ahead.

San Diego area reports the first Gray Flycatcher, more Black-headed Grosbeaks and Orioles.

Central Valley shorebirds are increasing with the arrival of Black-bellied Plovers.

Willamette Valley has reported all of the swallows with the exception of Bank Swallows.  More Common Yellowthroats as well.

31 Mar 2015 — PNW Migration Update

To save server space — no radar loop today.

The birds did move north ahead of the current system but put down upon the arrival of the rain.

Arrivals of note:

Yellow Warbler in the Central Valley and Tufted Puffins on the Oregon coast.  Shorebirds are on the move — Lesser Yellowlegs and a Willet reported in the Portland Area.

30 Mar 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Moderate levels of migration took place throughout the weekend.  Today’s radar loop is a good representation of the weekend.

Listserve chatter:

San Diego: Western Tanagers, Lazuli Buntings and Black-headed Grosbeaks.

Central Valley: more Western Kingbirds and shorebird movement.

Oregon: more Common Yellowthroats, Northern Rough-winged Swallows and a House Wren.


27 Mar 2015 — PNW Migration Update

Excellent night flight, and as i write this it is still at full tilt.

Only new migrant reported that i saw listed was Purple Martin on the southern Oregon coast.

But tonight is one of those teachable moments on the interaction of the weather and migration.  So we’ll look at the conditions at 850 mb heights — note the stream lines and the ridge in the west and the trough in the east.  Then check out the static image of the national radar composite.  (The full loop can be viewed over at Paul’s archive: here)

The Pacific Flyway from the Mexican border to the Canadian border is solid blue with birds.  Everywhere else?  Central and Mississippi Flyways — nada.  Atlantic Flyway? — just a tiny bit on the SE coast ahead of the advancing cold front.

Big picture gallery today.

26 Mar 2015 — PNW Migration Update

The rain and clouds cleared out over night.  The winds, not optimal, but not a real challenge to flight.  Birds were heavily on the move. A “green doughnut” night.

The Central Valley CA, added Western Wood Pewee and “Western” Flycatcher to the list of neotrops.

Oregon added Northern Rough-winged Swallow and Common Yellowthroat.  Molting Dunlin flocks are being seen as well.