2015 Fall Migration Update

Well, here we go again.

I will not be starting daily updates quite yet, but i did want to get a post up.  We’ve been seeing moderate levels of migration over the past couple of weeks.  It seems to be mainly centered on the western flanks of the Cascades but trickling down into the valley as well.

Shorebirds have been well documented on their south bound journey in the local listserves, but that is not unusual.  Once the ducks start to show up i will probably post on a more regular basis.  Until then it will be hit or miss.

Via John Stewart, ” Here it is, your moment of zen.”

2 thoughts on “2015 Fall Migration Update

  1. sorry Wedgewood — i missed this. I’m glad you find it interesting. But do note, all of the tools you need to do this yourself are located on the sidebar – just in case.


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