Migration Update 15 Sept 2014

Really not much happening on the broader migration front.  Of note is that the Sandhill Cranes are back in good numbers out on Sauvie Island.

Today i have put together a quilt of images showing the Swallow morning fly-out on the Yamhill/Marion County border.  I can’t slow the .gif files down and this goes by pretty fast.  It takes about 45 minutes in total but that is covered in only 5 or 6 frames.  You can always go to the COD weather website and control the image speed, but here it is in single frames stiched together.  (i think my time marking may be off by 10 minutes or so)

Click on the thumbnail to bring up a larger image:

Barn Swallow Morning Fly-out.

Barn Swallow Morning Fly-out.