18 Apr 2014 PNW Migration Update

Mixed bag of sketchy weather.  It’s really kind of disorganized out there weather wise.  So, while some birds are still pushing north in spite of it all, not many.  There will be some turnover at your favorite spring patch, but better days are ahead.  Vanguard Vaux’s Swifts are being reported, hopefully reliable – early Swainson’s Thrush, Wilson’s Warblers, and Black-headed Grosbeaks.  Shorebirds are definitely on the move.  In a mad dash past my local mud puddle there were 40ish Dunlin poking around and well on their way to full breeding (alternate) plumage.  Let’s take a look at some radar.

Pacific Northwest Radar: (Click on the links below to open the .gif files in a new window)

18 Apr Base Reflectivity - Portland (KRTX)

18 Apr HC - Portland (KRTX)

And because it is always a treat to watch the flight over the straits of Florida here is the Reflectivity loop from Key West last night:

18 Apr Base Reflectivity – Key West (KBYX)

Here is the grand view of the winds aloft from Earth:

18 Apr  Earth

Here is Paul’s archived National Radar Composite from yesterday.

And here are the weather maps (click on any image to bring up a full gallery view)