09 Apr 2014 PNW Migration Update

The advance of this little trough brought a little rain and winds shifting to NNW.  Not ideal and most migrants sat last night out waiting for better times.  In today’s loop you can see a few flocks brave the conditions but not many.  This same scenario was repeated across the whole Pacific Northwest.  Birds are still pushing north to the south of us.  The Shasta listserve is lit up with Black-headed Grosbeaks, Black-throated Gray’s, and Orioles.  It won’t be long now.

Pacific Northwest Radar: (Click on the links below to open the .gif files in a new window)

09 Apr Base Reflectivity - Portland (KRTX)

Here is Paul’s archived National Radar Composite from yesterday.  From Brownsville to Sacramento, the Southwest saw the heaviest migration last night.  It was kind of patchy up the Central Flyway and pretty much a non-event elsewhere.

And here are the weather maps (click on any image to bring up a full gallery view)