07 Apr 2014 PNW Migration Update

The rains of the early weekend kept migration in opportunistic mode.  A few plucky souls would sally forth between the cells and scratch out a few more miles of northern territory.

Last night however, was a different story.  Mostly clear skies with just a breath of wind and we had 20+ dBZ returns across the Pacific Northwest.  I didn’t check the listserves over the weekend but i do have anecdotal field observations.

Water fowl numbers are way down.  There’s still thousands of white-cheeked geese in the area – probably turn over populations from the south.  I only saw a dozen Snow Geese and only heard a couple of Swans.  Dabblers and divers were counted in tens, if that, not hundreds.  The vanguard Osprey, Yellowthroats and Orange-crowns have been joined by the next wave.  There were a half a dozen Caspian Terns on Sand Island.  Nest building is in full swing among those taking up residence this year.   All in all – things are poppin’!

Pacific Northwest Radar: (Click on the links below to open the .gif files in a new window)

07 Apr Base Reflectivity - Portland (KRTX)

07 Apr  Base Reflectivity - Medford (KMAX)

07 Apr Base Reflectivity – Gray’s Harbor (KLGX)

07 Apr  Base Reflectivity - Seattle (KATX)

Here is Paul’s archived National Radar Composite from yesterday.  The southern portions of the Mississippi and Central Flyway have a curtain of weather keeping the trek north curtailed.  But behind the curtain there was widespread movement from Des Moines to Portland Maine.  Another jammin’ night across the Straits and our part of the party was in full swing from San Diego to Seattle.

And here are the weather maps (click on any image to bring up a full gallery view)

In the Vorticity plot you can see that nice big ridge of high pressure that has everybody in the PNW itching to put on their summer clothes.