31 Mar 2014 PNW Migration Update

Saturday and Sunday saw light and opportunistic migration.  Some, here and there between the rain cells that moved through.

But last night it was a different story.  Great conditions, south winds and only minor rain, had the radars lit up across the PNW.

A new low system is spinning up out in the Pacific dragging cold air out of the Gulf of Alaska.  It might slow things down for tomorrow.  It depends on when we get to the back side and the north winds that follow it.

Pacific Northwest Radar: (Click on the links below to open the .gif files in a new window)

31 Mar Base Reflectivity - Portland (KRTX)

31 Mar Base Velocity - Portland (KRTX)

31 Mar HC - Portland (KRTX)

31 Mar Base Reflectivity – Gray’s Harbor (KLGX)

31 Mar Base Reflectivity - Seattle (KATX)

Here is Paul’s archived National Radar Composite from yesterday.  While the Atlantic Flyway was shut down  the Mississippi Flyway was lit up from Brownsville to Green Bay!

And here are the weather maps (click on any image to bring up a full gallery view)