26 Mar 2014 PNW Migration Update

At least a few adventurous birds continued north last night and maybe more than a few.  However the radar was swamped with returns from the storm cells so it is hard to get a handle on the exact magnitude.

It looks like we have a series of low pressure cells headed our way with some breaks in between.  Probably play out over the next 3 to 5 days and timing will be influencing migration, but i don’t expect any major movement in these unstable conditions.

Only one image today as there’s not much to see.
Pacific Northwest Radar: (Click on the links below to open the .gif files in a new window)

29 Mar Base Reflectivity - Portland (KRTX)

Here is Paul’s archived National Radar Composite from yesterday.  Not much going on.  A decent flight from Oklahoma to Nebraska.

And here are the weather maps (click on any image to bring up a full gallery view)