24 October 2013 Migration Report

Upper level southerly winds, though not strong, along with a dwindling season, yielded very light migration over the region last night.  Heaviest returns were in  the Puget Sound area and those were moderate at best.  San Diego is reporting their first Buffleheads, so you know it is pretty late in the season.

And with that — i’m headed into the field for the next three days and shutting down the blog for this season.  I will monitor the radar, as all radar junkies do, and if anything interesting pops up i’ll post it.  But barring that and conditions permitting, i’ll be back in the spring with the Turkey Vultures.

Here’s the radar loops from last night:

Base Reflectivity - Portland (KRTX)
Base Velocity - Portland (KRTX)
HCA - Portland (KTRX)

Base Reflectivity - Gray's Harbor (KLGX)
Base Velocity - Gray's Harbor (KLGX)
HCA - Gray's Harbor (KLGX)

Base Reflectivity - Seattle (KATX)
Base Velocity - Seattle (KATX)
HCA - Seattle (KATX)

And here is Paul’s archived National Composite

Here is the weather gallery: