14 October 2013 Migration Report

Friday night’s flight into Saturday morning was hampered by rain but a number of migrants left the area as the skies were a bit clearer to our south.  Peak reflectivity shot is in the weather gallery.

Saturday’s flight into Sunday morning was more substantial but showing signs of a waning migration season. Peak reflectivity shot is in the weather gallery.

Last night’s flight was quite a bit more substantial under pretty ideal conditions.  We are sitting on the leading edge of a high pressure ridge – clear skies and north winds.  The ridge will be flattening out some 36 to 60 hours out so we should have decent conditions tonight, but it gets a bit dicey for Tuesday’s flight.

Here are the links to last night’s radar loops
ATX = Seattle
LGX = Gray’s Harbor
RTX = Portland

Base Reflectivity - Portland (KRTX)
Base Velocity - Portland (KRTX)
HCA - Portland (KTRX)

Base Reflectivity - Gray's Harbor (KLGX)
Base Velocity - Gray's Harbor (KLGX)
HCA - Gray's Harbor (KLGX)

Base Reflectivity - Seattle (KATX)
Base Velocity - Seattle (KATX)
HCA - Seattle (KATX)

Here is Paul’s archived National Reflectivity Composite.

Here is the weather gallery with peak RTX Reflectivity from the weekend.