07 October Migration Report

I spent the weekend in the field, hence no weekend updates.

However, even with the great conditions migration levels were moderate with a few heavy pulses at best.  I put peak radar returns in today’s gallery.

It looks like we’re winding this season down.  Surely the neo-trops are long gone and we are now just waiting on the winter residents to complete the season.  I usually wait for the first Bufflehead to show up before i close the fall season.  But: another couple of days with a low trough draped over the region, only a hint of a ridge 48 hrs out, and modest returns over the weekend with ideal conditions — i’m closing this season early.  I will continue to review the radar and if anything noteworthy pops up i’ll put that up.

But barring that — that’s all folks!  Circumstances allowing, i’ll be back in the spring.  Hopefully with a fix for the lost animated radar loops.

KRTX Reflectivity loop
Regional loop.
Paul’s National loop.
Vorticity forecast