04 October 2013 Migration Report

Yep — birds are on the move, in droves!

As forecasted the ridge moved in and winds are out of the north.  Clear skies for most of the evening.  We had heavy migration throughout the region.  From Vancouver Island to Eugene the skies were jammed with birds.

Here’s the KRTX Reflectivity loop
Here’s the Velocity
Here’s the Regional Composite
Here’s Seattle’s KATX
Here is Paul’s National Composite

Looks like we have 36 to 60 hours of this ridge before it starts to break down and be replaced.  That far out, it’s tough to tell what will replace it, but it looks like another low will be dipping down out of the Gulf of Alaska – we’ll see.  But until then, the next couple of days should be marvelous migrating and birding conditions.  Here comes our ducks (real ones that don’t have swooshes plastered all over them)!

Here is the Vorticity forecast.
Here is the 850mb winds loop.