03 October 2013 Migration Report

A better flight than i expected last night.  Upper level winds were favorable and there was enough room between the storm cells for moderate levels of migration to take place.  To our north the migration was even heavy at times.  The Puget Sound was filled with birds as was the Washington coast.  Too bad it’s only Thursday as some of us have to work.  The next few days should be really great birding.

Here is the local KRTX Reflectivity loop.
Here is the local KRTX Velocity loop.
Here is the Regional Reflectivity Composite.
Here is Paul’s archived National Composite

The forecast remains the same with a really nice ridge of high pressure building in behind this last little bit of the plague of a low we’ve been dealing with.

Here’s the 72 hr. vorticity forecast
Here’s the 84 hr. winds aloft forecast.

A note on these links:  The regional level loops will break in a few days, NCAR does not archive the images past that.  Paul’s loop will remain in perpetuity — he’s like that.  The forecast links are dynamic and constantly updated.  That is; if you go to past posts and follow those links, they will look just like today’s link.  It sucks for archival information, but until i can recode my scripts it’s the best i can do for now.  I’ve poked around and it looks like Python might be another avenue.  I’ll see what i can do between seasons to hack around in yet another programming language.