02 October 2013 Migration Report

With the winds easing up, but still out of the south, and the skies clearing, we had a moderate amount of birds in the air last night.  Surface winds are not as influential as the winds aloft on migrating birds, and those winds are actually out of the north as this weak ridge advances.

Here’s the local KRTX Reflectivity loop.
Here’s the Velocity loop.

There were more pockets of squalls up north but the birds kind of worked around them.  Small flights can be seen around Gray’s Harbor and the jump across the Strait and down 101 is again discernible.

Here’s the Regional loop.

It looks like we have one more low to get through before we get better conditions – maybe 48 hours out or so.  I suspect the flight tonight will be a bit subdued but Thursday and Friday  could be quite significant – depends on how many birds are left in the pipeline.

Here’s the Vorticity forecast
Here’s the 850mb wind forecast loop