01 October 2013 Migration Report

After being bottled up for a few days a moderate amount of birds picked their way through the squalls even if it was into a head wind.  Probably strong fliers like geese and ducks.  It is hard to see in a static image so you’ll have to watch the loops carefully to see the flight.

KRTX Base Reflectivity
KRTX Base Velocity

There was an early flight along the Washington coast and a late flight across the Strait and down the Hood Canal as well.  Again a static image just wont do because there is still a lot of rain in the region. So, check out the regional composite and watch closely.

Regional Composite.

Looking a the NAM 500mb Geopotential forecast my analysis is that we may get a bit of a ridge 24 to 36 hours out.  The wind and the rains will subside a bit but it will be followed by another strong low.  It’s not until about 72 hours out that we’ll see a return of some sustained northerly winds and optimal migrating conditions.  Here’s a loop of the 84 hr forecast for the Winds Aloft at 850mb Heights.