26 September 2013 Migration Report

Wow!  Heaviest migration of the season took place last night over the Pacific Northwest.

Being hampered for a few days with less than ideal conditions, and time to take on fuel, migrants took advantage of the ideal conditions last night.  Calm clear skies with a hint of wind out of the north, the birds were on the move.

Looking at the geopotential forecast we may get another 24 to 36 hours of these conditions.  So, our diurnal migrants will be on the move today and we might get another heavy flight tonight.  Eyes to the skies. Birds are on the move.

Here is the local KRTX Reflectivity loop
Here is the local KRTX Velocity loop
Here is the Regional Composite
And for fun –  Here is the Seattle KATX Reflectivity loop.  Check out the huge flight down the Hood Canal!