25 September 2013 Migration Report

In the face of squall lines and light but variable winds migrants once again picked their way south.  Confronting dicey weather inland there is the possibility of migrant concentrations where they just give up and put down for the night.

Moderate to heavy migration can be seen along the Washington coast – Gray’s Harbor could be smoking today.

The Jet Stream has dissipated the low i was watching and it will probably clear the area and spin up a high pressure ridge behind it.  That will bring in some northerly winds, clear the skies and grease the skids for southbound flights.

Here is the local KRTX Reflectivity loop
Here is the local KRTX Velocity loop (so you can see there really is directional movement in between the squall lines)
Here is the Regional Composite

I haven’t posted one of these lately but the flight down the Central Flyway last night was massive.  Paul’s archive is off line due to server problems so:
Here is the National Composite