24 September 2013 Migration Update

Migrants bottled up for a couple of days took advantage of breaks in the weather and winds aloft that turned westerly last night.  Widespread moderate to heavy migration took place last night across the entire region.

Reports and personal observation has Greater White-fronted Geese thick in the air yesterday and through the night.  Geese and ducks make great radar targets and even with the radar in Precipitation Mode migrant signatures are clearly present.

I still can’t seem to retrieve and compile NCAR images since they changed their format but i have the loops from last night below.  They will only last a few days before they are purged from NCAR’s archive.

The low pressure system in the Gulf of Alaska is still in play for the next few days but doesn’t seem to be moving yet.  I expect it to dip south and impact us in the near future but until that happens i suspect the birds will continue to opportunistically pick through the weather on their way south.

Here is the Regional Composite loop
Here is the local KRTX loop