13 September 2013 Migration Report

Heavy migration through the east counties for the first half of last night’s migrant foray, tapering off as the night progressed.  Clear skies, northerly winds, and an itch to get south added up to some of the heaviest movement this season.  There should be some decent local turnover.  I haven’t seen it myself but there are some reports of migrant ducks hitting the area.

The upper level high has moved off to the NE and the low organizing out in the Pacific has slid a bit further south than expected.  We’ll have to see how that plays out, but it’s movement allowed the northerlies of last night.

Check out Paul’s National Composite for the wild flight down the Mississippi Flyway last night, and head on over to other members of the Birdar Network for commentary – found in the sidebar to the right.

Local KRTX loop
Regional Composite loop
National Composite loop
Seattle KATX loop