12 September 2013 Migration Report

Warm weather and generally favorable winds facilitated an increase in migrant activity last night.  In the peak Reflectivity image we can see pockets of heavy migration in the east counties.  Moderate activity was widespread along the I-5 corridor.  Classic Puget Sound crossing is apparent in the Regional loop below.

There was really heavy migrant activity in the upper mid-west which can be seen in the National Composite loop below.  Check out the regional reports from members of the Birdar Network found on the sidebar to the right.

There is a low pressure system spinning up to our west out in the Pacific which will come into play in the next few days.  However, the upper level high is pretty organized and relatively stable and it will have to move on before the low can come ashore.  As it advances it will bring some southerly winds on it’s leading edge and that may slow some migrants down.  Maybe even have them pile up in staging areas to our north only to be released as the low passes through.  We may get a green doughnut this season!

Local KRTX loop
Regional Composite loop
Paul’s National Composite loop
Bonus!  Seattle’s KATX loop