06 september 2013 Migration Report

Migration has been cancelled due to rain.    but ….. it will resume with the passing of the low.

The low has made landfall and the high noted yesterday has pushed in behind it.  This will bring some northerly winds over the next couple of days, and that will make for some prime migration conditions.  So stay alert, birds are headed your way.

The most interesting radar images are from the Regional Composite.  Static shot is taken at 9:30 PM.  Note the Spokane, Port Angeles, and northern Washington coast.  Birds took off ahead of the rain and will get caught mid-flight having to contend with a bit of weather.  Here’s the loop.  Classic Puget Sound crossing.  Gray’s Harbor area will be host to some pretty tired birds — and the Smith’s Longspur/Lesser Sand Plover/what’s next?

Here’s our local KRTX loop. (Just rain.  So skip it if you’re looking for birds)
Here’s Paul’s National Composite.  Widespread migration in the east.  Check out the Birdar network on the sidebar for details of other regions.

The regular static radar and weather images, as well as a few self indulgent weather maps are in today’s gallery.

3 thoughts on “06 september 2013 Migration Report

  1. i just saw a group of swallows over our house in se portland. have never seen them over this house before, have been here spring and summer. are they going south?


    • Hi Julie:
      Yes, the swallows are staging for their winter southern homes. As are many flock oriented birds. Check out the Vaux’s Swifts at Chapman School this month. For details go here. It’s quite a treat. Make a picnic, bring your friends and family and have a spectacular evening!


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