05 September 2013 Migration Report

The organized low off the coast hasn’t moved much, but it had a bit more influence on last night’s migration – particularly late in the flight.  That could put birds down and concentrate them a bit, especially in the Gray’s Harbor area, as a late evening squall line moved up the I5 corridor and out to the coast – a very unusual storm track.

Looking at the wind and weather maps there’s been some distortion of the systems we’ve been watching over the past couple of days.  Our low is weakening as a high pressure ridge advances across the Pacific from the SW.  That changes things a bit from previous forecasts – we might not get the strong southerly winds and that’s a good thing for our feathered friends.

Gallery line up is about the same as previous posts.  In the Regional Composite i grabbed a late night shot showing the squall line as it moves to the coast.

Here is the loop where you can watch it move NW and it’s impact on migrants.  (on these big regional files you have to wait for the images to load and may have to manually execute “Play”)
Here is the local KRTX loop for last night.  (these last two links will probably break in a few days)
Here is Paul’s archived National Composite.

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