04 Sept 2013 Migration Report

The region had widespread moderate to heavy migration last night.  Even with the low pressure system off the coast the winds are mild and not posing any problems for southbound migrants.  Here is a loop from last evening and some static images are found in the gallery below.  (Link will break in a few days.)

Three static images from the RTX station; the first shows ground clutter at sunset, the second shows the migrant bloom in Base Reflectivity, and the third shows the Base Velocity illustrating the N to S directionality.  The fourth radar image is a Regional Composite.  Here is a loop for the region.

Looking at the wind and weather maps we see stalled conditions.  Our next weather system remains virtually unchanged from yesterday as does the big high pressure ridge in the center of the country.  Here is Paul Hurtado’s archived National Composite – birds are on the move.