03 Sept 2013 Migration Report

Unresolved technical issues plague this season’s inaugural post.  In short, i only have static images –  no compiled radar loops.  Oh well, i’m working on it.

Migration has been under way for a few weeks and we’re in the thick of it now.  Last night started out with moderate, but widespread migration over the area in spite of southerly winds.  Some storm cells moved through last night but it appears the birds were able to navigate around them.  This should take you to the radar loop.  The link will probably break in a couple of days.

In the gallery below I’ve put up three static images from the RTX station; the first shows ground clutter at sunset, the second shows the migrant bloom in Base Reflectivity, and the third shows the Base Velocity illustrating the N to S directionality.

The wind maps show the low pressure system stationed off the coast.  This should move through over the next few days bringing more southerly winds and probably some more rain.

National radar loop archived by Paul Hurtado.  Lots of birds moving through the Mississippi Flyway.