PNW Migration Update – 14 May 2013

Northwest winds pushed the bulk of migrants over to the east counties last night, where  heavy migration returns were seen throughout most of the flight.  The flight along the coast was shut down around midnight along the northern reaches of the Olympic Peninsula by the first wave of squall lines.  Concentration of birds should be expected from Gray’s Harbor northward and along the Puget Sound as birds took refuge by heading inland.

The high pressure ridge is still hanging on by a thread giving us those NW winds, but an organized low is pushing inland which brought the squalls to the OP last night.  Depending on how strong it is the winds will be shifting to the W on a weaker system  or SW on a stronger one.

Nationally birds are moving on favorable winds up the lower Central and Mississippi Flyways with a notable push up the Ohio River Valley.  Check out the regional migration trackers in the NEXRAD side bar for details.

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