Uncle – PNW Migration

this is getting to be a real pain and way too much of a chore for a pass-time.

My server is putting up barriers to access the archived radar image files.  I’ll chase this down in due time but not right now.

Migration continues but it has been very different than the last two springs i’ve followed.  We have not seen one “green doughnut” all season.  Heavy migration has come only in patches.  The weather has been off the charts out of the norm as well and that may account for the odd migration patterns.  Onshore winds could bring some good birding opportunities along the coast.

Nationally a low pressure trough kept birds down along the Atlantic Flyway while the Mississippi and Central Flyways were active with heavy migration.  The Pacific Flyway had widespread moderate migration.  The MAX station in Medford shows, as i recall, the densest returns of the season.