PNW Migration Update – 08 May 2013

Moderate levels of movement with a patch, here and there, of heavy migration at times.  Very little movement along the coast.  Again last night the heaviest movement was to the north.  The radar patterns i’m seeing are typically a few weeks early.  They are much like late May rather than the first week of May.  It could be the oddball high pressure system that has parked itself over the area — not sure.

There is a low pressure system building out in the Pacific and moving on shore.  The leading edge will bring some south winds.  If the timing is right we’ll get to see if birds are still in the pipeline, or if migration has peaked and we’re on the back side of the season.

Nationally, the Central and Mississippi Flyways were loaded with birds.  The Atlantic Flyway was active in the southern reaches as far north as New Jersey, where it was particularly heavy – probably a release of weather trapped  migrants.  Our pipeline along the Pacific Flyway is still churning away and pumping out birds.

Admin Notes:  I will be attending to other responsibilities for the next four or five days, so there won’t be any updates until 14th or 15th of next week.   Consult the resources found in the sidebar to the right to keep abreast of this season’s migration.  Cheerio!