PNW Migration Update – 02 May 2013

Moderate migration densities, with pulses of heavy movement mostly east of the Willamette and along the flanks of the Cascades last night. Regional plot shows an unusually dense movement across the Umatilla Plateau. Plateau drainage canyons with riparian habitat would be prime opportunities.  The dawn chorus in eerily quite this morning.

The moderate NW winds associated with the current, but shifting high probably accounts for the birds being pushed to the Cascades.  Onshore flows will bring migrants closer to shore, but the flight wasn’t as pronounced as the past couple of days.

Nationally the storm track has compressed with wind speeds picking up on both sides of the disturbance.  The Pacific Flyway continues to be quite hospitable to migrants. The Mississippi Flyway had the bulk of migration while the Central Flyway and Gulf Coast were shut out of the action.  Check the regional discussion by clicking through on the NEXRAD Trackers in the side bar.