PNW Migration Update – 01 May 2013

Migration started out heavy but only lasted the first hour or so as birds left the area.  Throughout the rest of the night densities dropped to moderate levels.  Strong flight offshore again last night which can be seen in the Regional Composite.

As the low was pushed to the north our high pressure ridge shifted a bit south to accommodate.  We had light and variable north winds which really didn’t deter our avian companions.  The drop in density is probably just a lull, but there are plenty of birds headed our way.

Nationally, a storm line across the Great Plains kept the Central Flyway shut down.  Continuance migration behind the squall line can be seen and fallout conditions will exist along the leading edge.  The Mississippi Flyway was open from Texas north and the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys were packed with birds.  The Gulf coast from Texas to Mississippi was the hot spot again and there are localized storm cells that may cause local fallout conditions.  The Atlantic Flyway was active only  in localized parts of New England.  By regional standards the Pacific Flyway was quite active.