PNW Migration Update – 29 April 2013

Minimal migration in the area last night.  Strong NW winds proved to be too much of a hassle to deal with and, by and large, the birds decided to stay put.  Those that did take flight were probably strong flyers or perhaps it’s just short flights shuffling the deck a bit.  The dawn chorus is quite active this glorious morning.  So, while there wasn’t much turnover last night there are still plenty of migrants up and foraging.

The predominant high pressure system is asserting itself a bit as it gets pushed ashore.  Surface winds out of the NNW gusting to 15 knots and reaching 30 knots aloft kept the birds grounded.  Looking at the wind plots we can see a bit of a change in the dynamics as the next low is organized quite a bit further south.  This looks set to dislodge this long standing high but it wont happen soon.  If the high persists in it’s current location and it continues to compress i’d expect the wind to remain strong and out of the north.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Nationally the Central and Mississippi Flyways were flooded with birds.  After a week of dodging weather the birds had clear air with favorable south winds. They were moving with fervor and presented the heaviest and most widespread flight of the season.  The Atlantic Flyway saw action but only in the southern reaches as a remnant high pressure cell threw north winds and some rain in the area.  Possible fallout conditions along the Texas coastline.

Program interface with RAP is buggy again this morning so the Reflectivity and Velocity plots are static captures instead of loops today.