PNW Migration Update – 28 April 2013

A couple of extra loops today covering Friday and Saturday’s migration stories.  Both nights had moderate to heavy, in places, migration.  Friday more so than Saturday.

Last night we can see birds getting up into the air to our south and disappear into the cloud cover and scattered rain.  Conditions may present localized concentrations of birds but it happened very early in the exodus so it won’t be pronounced.

Winds are being driven  by the interface of the two fronts; passing low to our north and the persistent high off shore.  The interaction has brought some instabilities and the winds have a heavy westerly component.  Along the central and southern coast the winds remain out of the north.  Birds are still pushing through and some may get funneled up the Columbia with the westerlies. ah, who knows.

Nationally we had widespread, heavy migration up the southern and central portions of the Central and Mississippi Flyways.  Weather cut it off in the north.  The Atlantic Flyway was under heavy weather and only spotty migration was taking place.  Some new birds in Florida and some continuance in the Northeast.