PNW Migration Update – 23 April 2013

Locally the birds were headed north at moderate levels.  But, along the coast, it was hot and heavy with returns in the 20 to 25 dBz range.  Shore birds and sea birds are obviously on the move.  The chatter on the state listserve has coastal observations of diurnal movement as well.

Our weather pattern is holding for now with the high pressure ridge entrenched in the Gulf of Alaska.  This is deflecting any lows east which ….

… is hammering the Central Flyway.  Taking a look at the National Composite we can see the system draped across the Midwest shutting down migration.  But it continues apace east of the system. up the Ohio Valley and into New England — heaviest in the SE.

Crud — my script has died for now and i’m not archiving the plot loops.  I really don’t have the time to debug this right now.  So, the Reflectivity plots will be static images until i can get this fixed.  In the mean time head on over to Real-Time Weather and generate your own loops.