PNW Migration Update – 22 April 2013

We’re in the thick of it now.  Heavy migration last night, up to 25 dBz – concentrated on the east side from 9 PM to 4 AM.  The west side saw plenty of action as well, especially along the ridge line of the coast range.  We’ve got plenty more on the way as the entire stretch of the Pacific Flyway was hot again last night.  As the high pressure ridge moves up into the Gulf of Alaska, the leading north winds are just not strong enough to keep the birds down, the skies are clear and fine weather is on the way.

As it is also the height of wild flower season it’s been hard for me to keep up on the listserv chatter, so i’m not sure what other folks are seeing on the ground. I’ve had a smattering of shore birds on my patch — Greater Yellowlegs, Black-bellied Plovers and peeps.  Yesterday there was a large, 4 – 500, flock of staging Ridgeway Cacklers.  Haven’t seen any flycatchers yet, but i’m pretty sure the vanguards are in the area by now.

Nationally it looks much like yesterday: lower Central and Mississippi Flyways very active until northern progress is cut off by weather and the Atlantic Flyway is, by and large, shut down.  For in-depth commentary visit the folks found on the sidebar NEXRAD links.

My script should have returned the loops by now — it’s probably sick.  So the Reflectivity plot today is static. (sigh)