PNW Migration Breaking News

It’s as close as we ever get to actual fallout conditions here in Portland.  I don’t have the full report images yet but will post them later.

Take a look at the static Base Velocity plot from 9:04 PM PDT (04:04 UTC) last night.  The blue stippling to the south of our area are migrants headed north.  That big solid yellow mass they are running into is the rain cells that have moved in over night.  As the birds hit  this road block they will put down and look for shelter. This continued for an extended period so we have a pile up of birds in the area.

It’s still on the early side of migration so diversity will probably be limited but the numbers of birds should be quite high – relatively.  It will also increase the odds of detecting the vanguards of later migrants by concentrating them instead of having them disperse across the landscape.

Lest i create the wrong impression here — this is not High Island on the Texas Coast folks.  This is one tiny patch on the Pacific Flyway.  The birds that are putting down in our area tonight haven’t been in the air for 18 hours like trans-gulf migrants have.  Our “fallouts” are matters of inconvenience rather than necessity.  But it is an event none-the-less and i am going to my tiny patch for a look-see early this morning.