PNW Migration Update – 14 April 2013

Birds were cautiously on the move over the weekend in a hit or miss, dodging the rain cells kind of way.  They are picking their way north but not in any organized pattern.  And it looks like that pattern may continue for a while.

There is a dispersed high pressure ridge ranging up into the Gulf of Alaska which looks like it will dictate the weather for the near future.  That will bring some north winds, but they don’t appear to be very strong.  We’ll have to wait and see how the birds will react tonight.

Nationally the story of the season is one of opportunity.  Some pretty serious weather systems have moved across the flyways and have dictated limits to migration in their paths.  This has occasionally created some localized fallout conditions along the major migration routes.  However we are in full migration mode and whenever there is some clear air and decent wind — the birds are up and on their way north.