PNW Migration Update – 11 April 2013

It was a pretty good night for flight.  While not massive, there was moderate movement throughout the night and a pocket of 25 dBz returns were coming from the east counties in Washington.  New birds should be in the area if you’re out poking around today.

The seemingly stationary high pressure ridge off the coast continues to deflect the low cells that build in the Gulf of Alaska.  As long as that continues we’ll have variable winds and scattered showers, but nothing that would shut down migration completely.  So, my forecast from yesterday stands: expect moderate migration patterns like those seen the last couple of days.

Nationally – the severe weather continues it’s march east and is closing down widespread migration in it’s path.  Heavy weather on the leading edge and unfavorable northerlies behind is not providing many windows of opportunity.  There are pockets here and there with the southern most reaches of the country being most amenable.  Trans-gulf migrants had an open window so there is a lot of movement noticable in the gulf states.  Pull up a loop of the KBYX (Florida Keys) radar for a visual migration treat.

Administration Note: you’re on your own again this weekend, and probably all weekends this season.  But i’ll put up a weekend recap on Monday.