PNW Migration Update – 08 April 2013

Clear skies, light variable winds, and as predicted yesterday we had quite a few birds in the air.  Not a massive movement by any means, but solid and continuous.  Today would be a good day to poke around for new arrivals because ….

The high pressure ridge that is bringing this little reprieve is going to get clobbered by a strong and well organized low pressure system spinning up in the Gulf of Alaska.  How this effects migration is always a matter of timing.  The leading edge will have favorable south winds ahead of any serious rain, providing the ridge breaks down and doesn’t push the low off to our north.  If that makes landfall in the early evening — birds are good to go.  If it is in the morning, they are probably screwed for that night.  Right now it looks like there will be a decent window for at least part of the night tonight.  If it gets pushed to the north then the winds will be out of the west and some sea watching may be in order.

Nationally there was wide spread movement up both flyways but a series of storms cut off the northern reaches in the Central Flyway.  Looks like the birds were dodging rain cells in the Northeast as well.