PNW Migration Update – 07 April 2013

Well, in a word; rain.

If any birds were moving through this weekend, we wouldn’t see them on the radar because of the overwhelming returns from rain and heavy cloud cover.

There is a high pressure system building out in the Pacific, and while that will bring some relief from the rain, on it’s leading edge will be winds out of the north and that will slow migrants down.  There’s a couple of images showing this in the gallery today. Currently these winds are pretty stiff – up to 50 knots at peak but things can change.  I expect to see a decent, not heavy, influx of migrants over the next couple of days.

Nationally over the weekend birds were moving with the winds.  Friday it was the Central Flyway providing the best conditions, Saturday the Atlantic Flyway and last night a little bit of both.  I’ve put those National Reflectivity Composites in the gallery today as well.