PNW Migration Update – 03 April 2013

Last night was an exodus.  Most birds in the air were leaving the area.  The low pressure system we’ve been watching made landfall in Southern Oregon and closed off the flyway to inbound migrants with precipitation.  We got a small influx from the southern Willamette Valley but many more were departing.

Nationally the unstable conditions over the gulf states shut down the migration station for inbound birds.  Southern Florida did get an infusion from the Caribbean and north of the weather the Central Flyway had some activity over Illinois.  But the Atlantic Flyway was dark.  Check out the links in the NEXRAD sidebar for details on these areas.

It’s not clear what’s in store for the next few days as the Lows and Highs jockey for position.  It looks like another Low is forming out in the Pacific.  And as this current Low passes the winds and weather will hamper northern progress.