PNW Migration Update – 02 April 2013

Another excellent night for northbound migrants.  We had returns in the 20 – 25 dBz range again.  Not widespread, but there are definitely some large flocks that can be tracked.  In the reflectivity loop watch the east county area starting at around 05:30 UTC build in intensity as the night progresses.  Also note the pocket of 25 dBz returns in the west county.  Things are heating up!

Reports are coming in for widespread occurrences of Common Yellowthroats and Orange-crowned Warblers.  I’ve seen a couple of early Chipping Sparrows in my little patch as well.  The next wave of swallows should be showing up soon – Barn, Cliff and Northern Rough-winged.  Brown-headed Cowbirds and Black-throated Gray Warblers can’t be too far behind.

Nationally we see a squall line bordering the gulf coast from Texas to Louisiana — typical fall-out conditions.  But it’s still early in the season.  Behind the system there is spotty movement up the Central Flyway along the Missouri River, some hot spots in Texas and decent flights in the South East.

Never spectacular by National standards, the Pacific Flyway has birds moving throughout the range of radar coverage.  The low pressure system out in the pacific mentioned yesterday is being pushed a bit north by a high pressure ridge off the coast of California.  The low will still make landfall in the next day or two and bring southerly winds on it’s leading edge.  The vanguards of this season’s migration will be moving with them.