PNW Migration Update – 01 April 2013

Birds were on the move again last night.  Not as heavy as over the weekend, but still on their trek north.  RTX was in precipitation mode until 5:30 UTC so wait for the loop to get there to see the density pattern.

Nationally it was a quiet night as the high pressure system sits on top of the flyways.  But birds pushed north up the Central Flyway as far as they could.  You can see this in the National Composite.

We have a well organized Low Pressure system spinning up out in the Pacific.  As it makes landfall the leading winds will be out of the south and depending on timing, the birds will take advantage of these favorable winds. They will probably stick around to let the system pass over as it heads east.  So expect a couple of more days of inflow, possibly heavy on the leading edge of the system, and then a couple of days of migration stagnation.