Friday 26 October 2012 – A Break in the Weather

The past couple of weeks we’ve had southerly winds and squall lines interrupting southbound migrants.  The birds have been pushing south, but it fits and starts as they dodge the wind and rain.  A good recipe for mini “fallouts”.

But that all changed over the last 24 hrs.  A high pressure ridge has built off the coast and has calmed the winds and cleared the skies.  So last night the I5 corridor was filled with birds.  They took off shortly after sunset and ran heavy flights up until a little past mid-night.  Then the flights died down.  I suspect these birds, in bulk, are the ducks and geese headed for the valley refuge of their choice and only had a few hours of flight left on their journey before reaching their intended destinations.

Maybe we’ll finally see some more vanguards of late arriving ducks like Buffleheads — i have yet to see one this season and the eBird sightings are slim.