Post Season Addendum – 17 October 2012

Just a quick update here.

The rain and wind that has hampered migration for the past few days let up last night.  The rains stopped by 7 PM and the wind died down just in time for a big push south.  The flight was moderate to heavy but it’s hard to tell in the early returns because the radar was in precipitation mode.  It switches back to clear air around 10 PM.

Some birds were picking their way between squall lines throughout the last weather system but not many.  So we should have quite a few birds itching to get on with it and head south over the next couple of days.

A high pressure ridge is building to the west and bringing some favorable north winds with it — probably some clear skies as well.  Should be another good flight tonight.

The flight to our north in the Seattle area was quite heavy and the I5 corridor is completely filled in but more dispersed.  There was a good concentration of birds along the Washington coast line as well.  This can be seen from the Regional Composite in the gallery today.