Friday 12 October 2012

This will be the last scheduled post for the season.  I’ll keep an eye on the radar and if any significant event develops i’ll put up some commentary.

Last night was another night of moderate migration.  There was practically no nocturnal flight along the coast and flight along the I5 corridor was moderate at best.  There was a solid push of birds out of the Puget Sound area.  You’ll can see both on the static images in today’s post.

The front edge of the incoming storm is just off the Oregon coast and has already made landfall in the Olympics.  The center of the low has moved up into the gulf of Alaska and the coastal areas there are seeing strong southerly winds.  We are now just beginning to see southerly flows here in Portland and the heavy cloud cover is just to our west.

Another low pressure cell is developing behind this one and it looks like we are in for a few days of colder and probably wetter weather at the least.  This will keep birds grounded for the most part and i’ll be watching for a break in the weather that will allow them to continue their journey south.  These movements tend to be much heavier than the steady but moderate migration that has been the signature of this season.  If a heavy movement is detected i’ll post some commentary and radar images.  If not — i’ll be back in the spring!